About me

Name: Rik Packer
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Area of study: Broadcast Journalism
Instrument: Bass Guitar, Keys, Vox
Music: Rock/Indie/D&B
Hobbies: Making music, radio, football, Formula 1
Opening hours: 11am - 2am

ABOUT ME: My name is Rik and I am in a band. We are called 'The Marivaux' and we write songs, jam, gig and record together. 
I am writing these posts to give an insight into the world of the unsigned band and hopefully entertain along the way.
There's me (on bass guitar and secondary vocals); Phil (lead singer/writer & guitarist); Matt (lead guitarist); Ben (the backbone on drums); and Pete our manager.

I grew up in Stockport, Greater Manchester and have always loved Manchester music. I made my first band with current guitarist Matt when we were both 11. We entered the high school talent contest which the previous year my two brothers had won in a band. We lost.

Since then me and Matt went on to form a new band called 'What About Dale?' - you can see our first concert at Manchester Academy 3 here:

Yes, we look about 15... then again, we were 15. 

After High School, What About Dale split up and all three members went their separate ways. In college I played with a couple of bands but none were good enough to get excited about. 

October 2009
I got a phone-call one day off Matt who said his current band needed a decent bassist to play with them for one gig - supporting The Futureheads. I immediately said 'yes' and have been in the band ever since. 

The band is currently in post-production of 5 tracks and we are signed to 'Cast Iron Management' which is Pete's company. It isn't a label but it is more than decent! We record and jam for free and that's the best thing we can do. Music should be free. 

If you want to know anything else then give me a comment!