Thursday, 21 April 2011


It's been a while... 
But after multiple days of being shacked up in a tiny DIY studio the band have finally finished recording a 5 track E.P. Of course as soon as they have been produced I shall put some tracks up on here so you can finally here the sound of my band!

Jon Ellis.
Oceansize - Bassist Jon Ellis (on right)
That name may not mean anything to you, but to the band he is a Mancunian God! Jon is the man who has been recording with us and used to be a member of Oceansize (check them out as they were pretty speical). Jon has been more than a man who presses record and makes us sounds sexy, he's also been a fantastic mentor in helping the band to find our sound. Along with manager Pete, they are the two people who have selflessly made the band sound like we do.

Hopefully a CD will be available at the next gig
The Tracks
All five songs are equally as important to us, with each carrying different meanings and reminding us of memorable times. Some are slightly older than others in terms of when they were written but all are current and in keeping with The Marivaux's sound.

The ones to watch out for..
Without a doubt, 'Track Record' as it is our swan song of the new era for the band. It is the most likely to become a single and every time we play it people seem to love it and attempt to sing along.
There's also 'Altitude' which morphs the sounds of old school rock and new age indie with Guy playing a fantastic Harmonica layer over the tune. More of an anthem than a stand alone single but equally as listenable.
Finally, Come With Me has the melody and riffs of any good tune. Hopefully people will agree.

Not long now... 


  1. Can't wait to hear some new tracks!

  2. C'man the Marivaux! Can't wait for the 5 track EP...